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10 Thoughtful Gifts for the New or Expecting Mom

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I love gifts for the new mom! It is such an exciting time to be expecting. I like to give gifts that I know are enjoyable, useful and practical.

Most of these gifts can be given at a shower since she can start using them even when she is pregnant! Or, they make a great gift if you are going to visit the mom and the new baby for the first time.

  1. Non Skid Crew Socks. There is a reason I put these as #1! You do not have to get these particular ones, but I think non-skid socks are a GREAT gift that people do not think about. Now, if you are not sure which ones to get, I promise you, I loved these socks! They stayed tight even when I would wear them for over 24 hours straight. (Yep that happens when you’ve got a new baby!) I wish I had them when I was pregnant so I could have worn them around the house and at the hospital. The best part about these no-slip grips on the bottom are if there are wood stairs. You might not think steps are slippery, but if you are going down with the baby, you are tired, or if it is late, you do not want to lose your footing. I didn’t think that would really happen until one really sleepy night I slipped on the bottom stair. It was just me, and I just ended up with a bruise, but it was a lesson learned! Non-skid socks like these really made me feel more comfortable walking around.
  2. Camelbak water bottle. I absolutely love this water bottle for new moms (and for anyone looking to drink more water). The best part is that is not heavy (since it is plastic) so it is easy for me to carry around and the straw really makes me drink a lot more water. I also mention it in my very lengthy working and pumping post (here).
  3. Healthy Nut Snacks. Sometimes as a new mom, you do not really get a lot of time to eat (or sleep) so you tend to snack all day long. If there aren’t any healthy snacks around, you will probably end up eating a lot of junk food. I had to make an effort to reach for healthy snacks and I loved nuts since they kept me full for longer.
  4. Leggings. You don’t have to be a new mom to love a new pair of leggings:) I think the stretch of leggings is extra special to moms because their weight changes so much after the baby. Leggings can be dressed up, dressed down, worn anywhere and go with everything. Finally, they are pretty much the best thing to make your legs look awesome 🙂
  5. 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. I had read so much about people not showering as a new mom because they were just so scared to leave the baby. I do not remember going a long period of time without showering, but I do remember being all soapy and rushing out of the shower to tend to a crying baby. In any event, whether you are scared to be apart from the baby, or you just want to shower quickly to get more chores done, all new moms will appreciate a 2 in 1 shampoo for those first few months. Every minute of the day is precious and sometimes if the baby goes down for just a few minutes the new mom tends to have minimal time to shower. Trust me, every second counts and this is really nice to have on hand. Even if they do not think they will use it because they are dedicated to their hair routine, things change when you have a baby (and you’ll probably end up using it more than you think)!
  6. Lace Nursing Nightgown. It is hard for a new mom to feel pretty when overtired and exhausted, but this nursing nightgown will hopefully do the trick. It is also a nursing gown so it is easy to wear around the house and nurse as needed.
  7. Instantpot. As I’ve mentioned, it is hard for new moms to find time to get things done. With the baby is nursing, crying, pooping and playing all day (and night), it is hard to find time to eat let alone prepare dinner! Pressure cookers can prepare dinner with minimal effort in such a short period of time! There are so many good recipes online and you can cook so many different things. I love mine and have worked it in my meal planning to try new recipes all the time (there are so many)! The new mom can even use it to make perfect sweet potatoes in 30 minutes for the little one when they begin solids!
  8. Frozen meals. It is so nice to sit down to a nice meal and even nicer when someone else prepares it for you! A new mom needs nutrients! This is not just for nursing moms, but for all moms. After the baby, the body changes so much. It is important to pay attention to diet and eat healthy. A good home-cooked meal is going to be so amazing to a new mom (and dad). When exhausted parents are tired, they will snack or just order out, so it would be an amazing gift to give them something easy to pop in the oven and eat.
  9. Magazines/Books. This is always a good gift for anyone, but especially for new moms since it is a nice way to take a little “break.” A good book could be a nice escape or flipping through a magazine could get her mind off a stressful moment. It’s nice to switch gears from baby-all-the-time and reading something distracting can help her de-stress.
  10. Homemade cookies. There’s always something so special about homemade cookies that makes people so happy 🙂 I also do not know if it was the hormones, or the nursing, or maybe because homemade cookies are that good, but I just couldn’t get enough. Make them with chocolate and let the new mom know, it improves memory and mood.

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